Zack Weston is a HipHop artist from Lindsay, Ontario Canada. His interest in becoming a musician started at the age of 8 when he began taking private drum lessons. At this time, he also began learning the structuring process of songwriting. By the age of 11 or 12, he became very fond of punchline heavy, lyrical rap music studying artists such as Eminem, Big L, Chris Webby, Big Pun and Prodigy. Throughout highschool, he released 3 full length mixtapes titled "The Epidemic" "Conscious Mind" and "On My Way" (No longer avalible) and began solidifying his own flow and rhyming style, while also delevoping his delivery and overall sound. His relationship with DJ Tictactic and Doing The Music came about at his first ever live performance in his hometown, where Optiprism happened to be performing as well. As time went on, Zack and Jason Stabler worked relentlessly on several live shows, as well as in the studio. He has been featured as a guest on "HipHopTicTacTics" numerous times, and is continuing to book venues across Ontario showcasing underground HipHop artists from around the Province.